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It's not the amount of clients we have. It's every smile, conversation and trip alongside you.

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Why us?

Our goal is to provide you a high-quality service by closely aligning our services with your wants and needs.

That usually begins with a very professional and personalized interaction to answer your every question in order to help you understand whether or not we’re the right fit for you.

This type of service is only possible if we treat each customer with utmost respect and care, and for that to happen, a team with dedicated professionals is necessary.

We want to treat each customer as if he/she is a precious member of our family.


Hello and thank you very much for visiting our website. 

My name is Diogo and beside me you can find my spouse, Priscila. We’re the couple behind Valente Tours & Transfers.

I’ve been working in the Tourism industry for more than 20 years where I’ve dedicated myself to several jobs. I’ve worked as a bellman, a receptionist and later in my career I’ve dipped my toes as a manager in a hotel.

Since I take pride in my outgoing and loving personality, as well as admiration and love for Portugal, I take immense joy in being able to travel alongside my clientes.

Therefore, instead of taking a more managerial approach to this business, I am often the one traveling with you. 

Priscila, on the other hand, she is responsible for the marketing as well as taking care of every request and reservation we receive to guarantee that our clients have a driver readily available.

If you truly wish to be treated with care and professionalism, we’re here for you. 


Diogo Valente


Priscila Valente


João Labrincha

Private chauffeur

Adelino Soares

Private chauffeur

Victor Macedo

Private chauffeur

João Gouveia

Private chauffeur


opel astra k sports tourer



If you wish to travel more economically we have a vehicle that is equipped with everything you need to travel comfortably and safely. 

Maximum capacity: 4 People

Automatic air conditioner

2-3 bags

mercedes class c



We also have executive rides that will allow you to travel to important meetings in class and style with a highly-professional chauffeur.

Maximum capacity: 4 People

Automatic air conditioner

2-3 bags

mercedes van



Are you travelling in a big group? Then you require space and comfort, which is exactly what vans can provide you with. 

Maximum capacity: 8 People

Automatic air conditioner

4-5 bags


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